Grolab SoilBot

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The Grolab SoilBot is a rigorous and versatile substrate analyzer and is another module of the GroLab family. It is capable of completely monitoring the substrate of your plants regardless of whether it is in soil, rock wool or coco coir substrate.

The Grolab SoilBot supports up to 4 moisture sensors giving you the possibility to monitor 4 different groups of plants at same time. When combined with PowerBot or TankBot, it allows you to automate their irrigation process, keeping the perfect moisture for your plants and avoiding water wasting and floods.

SoilBot also has support for 2 temperature sensors allowing you a complete substrate analysis and 2 flood detectors that makes the system able to react/notify you in case of flood detection.

Take the control of your plants substrate with this versatile module!


1 – SoilBot
2 – Moisture sensors
1 – Temperature sensors for substrate
1 – Flood detector
1 – USB Power Supply
1 – USB cable
1 – Antenna

*An additional GroLab module (1 x GroNode) is necessary to experience the full functionalities of SoilBot.

*Each GroNode can control a max of 4 SoilBot’s.

GroLab SoilBot Manual