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The GroLab Bundle Special includes a GroLab Starter Kit AS WELL AS a GroLab SoilBot, for a VERY SPECIAL PRICE!!!

GroLab is the most versatile and powerful grow controller, that allows you to automate all the aspects of any agricultural grow.

This system is intended to suit from hobbyist to professional growers, providing industrial grade technology with an extremely easy-to-use interface.

Its modular architecture makes it possible to adapt to any environment regardless of its size, type, growing medium or growing system.

Monitor every variable and precisely control all the devices from your growing environment, in real-time, through an intuitive software.

GroLab allows you to do all of this from anywhere at anytime thanks to remote control and notifications systems.

Bring your grows to the 21st century and get the peace of mind you deserve.

The GroLab Starter Kit:

A powerful grow controller that fully monitors and automates all the basic elements of any grow. It can handle lighting, climate and irrigation, all in the same system.

Remote control, real time notifications, IP cameras integration… are just some of the perks you get with GroLab.


1 – GroNode
1 – PowerBot
1 – GroLab software, manuals and video tutorials.

* 2 Cables also included (2 x Male EU plug to Double Female ZA Sockets )

* This kit contains one GroNode, allowing you to further expand your control just by adding extra modules. GroNode can control a max of 4 PowerBots, 4 TankBots and 4 SoilBots.

The GroLab SoilBot:

SoilBot is the perfect tool to analyze any substrate. Through its sensors, substrate moisture will remain constant and balanced.
Samples the temperature of the substrate and even detects floods, giving your GroLab system a chance to react.


1 – SoilBot
2 – Moisture sensors
1 – Temperature sensors for substrate
1 – Flood detector
1 – USB Power Supply
1 – USB cable
1 – Antenna

* A SoilBot connects to a GroNode ( of which 1 unit is included in the Starter Kit, above ). Each GroNode can control a maximum of 4 SoilBots.

Read more about how GroLab works and what it can do for you, HERE and get your GroLab Bundle Special today!