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Green Up for Clean Up uses a proprietary blend of essential oils known for their antiseptic, anti-fungal, and cleaning properties. The days of H2O2 burns, harsh commercial cleaners and isopropyl fumes are over…. ditch the gas mask, ditch the gloves!

Green Up for Clean Up is an environmentally friendly, plant-powered alternative, using bio-friendly ingredients, made right here in Cape Town by Because Nature!

Ideal for cleaning your grow spaces and growing equipment and you can even use it around the house – Green Up cleans up sticky sticker-gunk like a dream !

This product must never be used on plants – it is made to clean things like grow-light bulbs and fixtures ( Always unplug first and use a soft clean cloth on bulbs ), can be used to clean mylar, grow tent walls and floors, plastic plant pots and much more. You can even spray some on your shoes before entering your grow-room.

Green Up for Clean Up smells awesome, is soft on hands and surfaces and the glass spray bottle can also be re-used.