Glass Cure Jar with Hygrometer


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A Glass Cure Jar with Hygrometer takes the guesswork out of curing and “burping” dried product. These curing jars are made locally and are made using a 1lt glass Consol jar (a popular storage container). The standard jar lid is replaced with a custom-made cap that integrates a small digital hygrometer and temperature meter. This lid is also fitted with a foam ring around its edge and this ensures that your product is sealed properly when the lid is screwed shut.

Roughly 30 grams of dried product can be stored in a jar of this size after drying it. Once in the curing jar, the product needs to be opened every now and again ( especially in the first two weeks ), to allow the built up gasses (diminishing chlorophyll) and potential excess water vapor (if not properly dry yet) that are slowly being released by the product to escape. This is often referred to as “burping”. Curing humidity inside curing containers needs to be between 55-65%. A slow cool cure in a Glass Cure Jar with Hygrometer will help preserve the product’s aroma and flavor profile, and it a good cure will enable the product to be stored for long periods of time without mold risk or product degradation.