Gavita Pro Plus 1000w EL DE Lamp

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Gavita Pro Plus 1000w EL DE Lamp is a replacement lamp for the Gavita Pro Line 1000e DE light fixture.

Pro lamps are specifically designed for high voltage, high frequency fixtures such as our Pro line fixtures.
Made in Europe, these Gavita lamps are the professional choice for growers who require the optimal light output and longest light maintenance on the market.

400V lamp technology for high frequency electronic ballast

The high voltage lamp technology results in a better efficiency of the arc tube: more light for the same power (10-25% more than traditional single ended lamps). These lamps are best suited for extreme high frequency electronic ballasts, creating a stable arc without acoustic resonance, assuring optimal output and a long lamp life. The smaller arc tube and outer balloon require the lamp to be nitrogen filled instead of vacuum, which prohibits it to be air cooled. Air cooling of the lamp results in lower lamp temperature, which results in sub-optimal light output, up to 15% less than specified. Therefore these lamps are not suitable for direct air cooled fixtures.

Specifications of the Gavita 1000W DE HPS Pro Lamp:

  • Power: 1000 Watt
  • Lamp base: K12 x 30S
  • Growlight (PPF): 2100 μmol
  • Light maintenance: 5000 hours >96%
  • Voltage: 400V

Make sure you install this lamp in the correct orientation! Remember to change your lamps once every year for optimal light output.