Foil Parchment Paper

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Foil Parchment Paper:

Foil parchment paper is the best material for producing Rosin in a Rosin Press.
Advanced dual side parchment paper designed for rosin heat presses

Side 1: Non-Stick Silicone

– Easily collect dab on this advanced non-stick silicone material

Side 2: Tin-Foil Backing

– Increases ability to manipulate and fold parchment paper with ease

– Provides for a sturdy backing, reduce the risk of ripping or tearing the parchment paper

– Allows for re-usability

·         Size 30cm x 100cm

·         Imported

·         Re-useable

·         Foil backing

Excellent heat transfer ensures that maximum yield is achieved.

Non-stick surface makes collection of Rosin with a dab tool so easy.

Just one of the many advantages of this parchment paper, is that it can be folded and will remain folded unlike baking paper or grease proof paper, preventing the loss of rosin.

How to use:  Foil on the outside, Parchment paper the inside (place herb on the parchment paper side)