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Floragard Organic Herb and Sowing soil is a ready-to-use special soil for growing young plants and herbs such as Basil, Thyme or Parsley in seed boxes, bowls and pots. Nutrient content and pH values are precisely matched to ensure rapid germination and strong and healthy development. Due to its natural and organic composition, Floragard Organic Herb and Sowing is suitable for ecological gardening and meets the requirements of international organic associations.

Sold in 5L bags.

The selected, high-quality peat qualities give this earth an excellent water holding power and facilitate water supply for your herbs and young plants. The finely sieved green waste compost contributes significantly to the nutrient supply of the plants and invigorates the earth. Coconut coir naturally improves the air capacity and water conductivity in the earth. Watering will be easy and convenient for you.

The organic natural guano fertilizer ensures an effective and long-lasting supply of nutrients to the plants and naturally activates soil life. Perlite ensures high pore volume and optimal air and water flow in the earth. Waterlogging is avoided and root formation is sustainably promoted. The premium natural fertilizer gently supplies the plants with all important main and trace nutrients for strong and healthy plant growth.

Be it for hobby or professional gardening, Floragard, based in Oldenburg, Germany, has already ensured ideal product solutions for every application for almost 100 years, and our declared goal is to achieve optimal growth performance. A continually growing archive with more than 3000 recipes stands for the individual solutions our employees search for and also find. We are driven by blooming gardens, healthy plants and satisfied customers, who know that they have selected the best when they see the results.