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Floragard Cactus soil is a special soil for the special requirements of your cacti and other succulent plants. Ingredients and structure enable the moisture-sensitive plants to live like they do in nature. Well-balanced ingredients offer the best conditions for the healthy and safe growth of your plants.


  • Special soil for repotting cacti and other demanding succulents
  • Pure quartz sand ensures good drainage
  • Gently fertilized with premium fertilizer
  • Clay granulate promotes root development in the plant
  • Provides the plant with optimal air and water flow
  • Sold in 5L bags

The organic natural guano fertilizer ensures an effective and long-lasting supply of nutrients for the plants. In addition, the soil life is activated in a natural way. Clay granulate gives the earth a long-term stable structure and ensures optimal air and water flow so that the roots can develop optimally.

Quartz sand makes the earth permeable and reduces the risk of waterlogging. The premium fertilizer provides the plants with all the important primary and trace nutrients for a long time for strong and healthy plant growth.

Replant small plants annually in pots that are only slightly larger and repot bigger specimens at longer intervals – as required. When repotting, make sure that the water can drain away unhindered. Do not water the soil until a few days after potting to prevent root rot. Floragard Cactus soil provides your plants with all the nutrients they need for 6 weeks. In autumn and winter there should be no fertilization.

Be it for hobby or professional gardening, Floragard, based in Oldenburg, Germany, has already ensured ideal product solutions for every application for almost 100 years, and our declared goal is to achieve optimal growth performance. A continually growing archive with more than 3000 recipes stands for the individual solutions our employees search for and also find. We are driven by blooming gardens, healthy plants and satisfied customers, who know that they have selected the best when they see the results.