EcoBuz Combo Pack


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The EcoBuz Combo Pack contains one sachet each of:

  • EcoBuz HumiGro (5g)
  • EcoBuz StrartGro (5ml)
  • EcoBuz MultiGro (5ml)

The Combo Pack offers an ideal opportunity to try out the full EcoBuz Nurture Range in one go!

EcoBuz HumiGro: (Containing Humic Acid) is a granular carbon-based soil conditioner and a rich source of carbon and complex nutritional elements, with valuable soil conditioning properties.

EcoBuz StrartGro: Contains (along with other micronutrients) a Boron (B), Silica (Si) and Calcium (Ca) ‘complex’ that kickstarts plant growth, allowing N, P, K and the other essential plant nutrients to be absorbed and utilized as needed.

EcoBuz MultiGro: An A-Z foliar feed that maximizes plant growth, promoting fruiting, flowering and overall plant wellness.