DAG GArdens Organic Seedling Mix


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DAG GArdens Organic Seedling Mix – a custom craft soil mix from Knysna, has been carefully balanced to include everything that most germinating vegetable and flower seeds will need.

This seedling mix contains: Cocopeat, Perlite, Vermiculite, Frass, Diatomaceous Earth, Agricultural Lime & added beneficial microbes & mycorrhizae.


  • Soak seeds overnight if required
  • Prepare seed tray. Fill with DAG GArdens Organic Seedling Mix and water thoroughly. Press down lightly. (Keep small bag of Mycoroot mycorrhizae aside)
  • Afer the seed have had a good 12 – 18 hour soak in water, sprinkle the Mycoroot where the seeds will be placed in the seedling tray. Position seeds carefully and cover lightly with a few mm’s of seedling mix. Use a misting sprayer to wet the top surface lightly.
  • Place in a warm sunny position (but not full sun all day). Bright dappled shade is perfect.
  • Don’t overwater seedlings, but don’t let them dry out completely either.
  • After about 3 weeks, transplant seedlings into new pots or into your garden.