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The CocoMat Kit is the ideal addition for growers seeking a low maintenance irrigation system. The coco fibres and natural latex in a CocoMat wick all the moisture and nutrients a plant requires! Simply place a CocoMat into your garden tray, followed by a layer of root control sheet and sit small pots or seeds trays on top. Fill your garden tray just once and CocoMat will water the plants for up to ten days.

CocoMat Kit can be teamed with an easy2GO Kit to almost eliminate the need for human intervention in watering.

The CocoMat Kit measuring 51cm x 30cm x 3cm cosists of mat and Root Control Sheet.  The CocoMat controls watering by holding and gradually wicking the water to the plants via capillary action. Simply place your CocoMat into a tray, fill the tray with water, place your seed tray on top and grow!

CocoMat can be cut to fit any size of tray.  Two CocoMats fit perfectly into a Garland Giant Plus tray.

When using CocoMats please note that they should be treated before use. Place the CocoMat in pH 4.5 water and keep fully submerged to soak for 24-48hrs. Then rinse and use with pH 5.5 water. Submerge the root control sheet in tap water for 30 minutes before use

Place the CocoMat in the tray. Place the root control sheet on top of the CocoMat – gold face up.
Now place small pots or seed trays on the surface of the root control sheet. Ensure that the pots / seed tray is flat based and allows the growing media to make contact with the surface of the root control sheet.
Water through each seed cell or pot once from the top to ensure that the capillary action starts between the surface of the root control sheet and the media at the bottom of the pot.
Pour water into the tray until the CocoMat is 2/3 submerged

CocoMat Instructions