Capillary Matting


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Capillary Matting, also known as wicking fabric or spreader matting can evenly dispense moisture to plants. This can be a terrifically easy way to keep growing media moist.

The capillary wicks and distributes water to the growing medium.

Once the roots reach the water source they attach to the matting drawing water &  liquid nutrients as and when they require it.

Replacement/additional Capillary Matting for the AQUAbox Spyder.

Please note that this product is sold in 6 meter lengths.

Width is 15mm

As the plants grow, the roots in the raised bed will search for the water source, this being the capillary matting below the compost/soil level. The roots will instinctively head towards the capillary matting and attach themselves to it.

To provide efficient irrigation to the bed make sure the matting slopes slightly away.  By having the strips sloped on a slight downward gradient this will allow the water to travel along the matting more easily.  Ensure the strips are pushed into the soil on the downward slope to gain the most from your AQUAbox Spyder all year round. Cover growing area with growing medium. Capillary matting should not be exposed.

Replace every season.

6m will cover an area of 1.2 sq meters.