Calcium Magnesium Nitrate

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Calcium Magnesium Nitrate (Cal Mag)  is a calcium magnesium nitrate fertilizer which is a best fertilizer to supply Calcium and Magnesium to plants.

Cal Mag is a high use efficiency and quick uptake by crops.

Cal Mag is high water solubility, quick dissolved in water and also suitable to be applied by irrigation.

Cal Mag is also used to buffer Coco peat.

When adding to plants – 1/4tsp  per 3 Litres of water.


N- 137g/kg

Ca- 122g/kg

Mg- 33g/kg

Bo- 2.1g/kg (Please note this product no longer contains Boron)

How to Buffer Cocopeat:

When soaking 5Kg Coco brick, use 20L water and 50g Cal Mag to buffer coco.

When soaking 600g Coco Brick, use 2.5L water and 6g Cal Mag to buffer coco.

Soak the cocopeat in the solution for 12 hours. Drain any excess solution and rinse the cocopeat with pH balanced water.

Cocopeat has a negatively charged complex, surrounded by a couple of positively charged ions: sodium and potassium. Because these elements stick to the complex, like iron to a magnet, there is no danger to the plant root initially. The problem starts when fertilizing with calcium. The calcium will push the potassium and sodium aside and take their position. Consequently, the calcium that is connected to the complex won’t be available to the plant, while sodium and potassium that are released into the water will be available.

To avoid this ‘time bomb’ problem, the Cocopeat needs to be  buffered. In buffered cocopeat the ion exchange, as we call the process where calcium pushes the other ions off the complex, has already taken place.