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Aqua Flute Hydroponic Trays are made for aquaponic and hydroponic applications. It is a building block for a complete system and could be used for different growing techniques such as NFT or flood-and-drain.

The trays have various slot and holes integrated into the mold which make it easy to secure them to a structure or to hang them from overhead lines.

The plastic molding is UV Resistant and sturdy

Full tray dimensions are approx. 118 cm long, 15 cm wide, 8 cm high.

Aqua Flute Hydroponic Trays Hole DiameterEach tray has 10 holes, spaced apart 110 mm, center to center. The holes will accommodate a 150 ml ( volume, NOT DIAMETER ) Net Pot. Net Pots are SOLD SEPARATELY. Each hole is approx. 61 mm in diameter at its narrowest point (where the recessed lip ends), widening slightly in a cone shape towards the top surface of the tray.



Aqua Flute Hydroponic Trays 150ml Net Pot GapWhen using 150 ml ( volume, NOT DIAMETER ) Net Pots, the bottom of the pots do not touch the base of the tray, which means that plants will need to be hand watered for a few days if the trays are being used as NFT trays, until their roots do touch the water flowing through the tray.



Aqua Flute Hydroponic Trays Side Connection DiametersThe tray’s side connections can be used in various ways, depending on the type of system that is being built. The bottom connection fits 20mm Irrigation piping (preferably clamped on). The top connection may fit 25mm Irrigation piping.




Aqua Flute Hydroponic Trays Top Inlet DiametersThe tray has a 11 mm diameter inlet hole which can be used when building an NFT system with smaller diameter inlets (NFT tables, for instance). The hole can also be drilled out to a larger diameter if necessary (This may be required if building a vertical system, where one tray’s outlet feeds directly into the tray below it).



Aqua Flute Hydroponic Trays have tight pot spacing, making them more suitable for smaller plants. Some growers leave every 2nd pot empty (with only LECA clay pebbles in, but no seedling), thus creating more room for plants to grow. Shortly before the crop is ready for harvest, new seedlings can then be planted into the empty net pots. This allows the tender seedlings to be sheltered by the canopy of the adult plants until they are harvested, giving the grower a head start on the next cycle.