Supernova Air Cooled Hood 150mm

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The Supernova Air Cooled Hood 150mm from Maxibright is specifically designed for grow rooms where heat may be an issue, as it can be installed into the ducting of your extraction system to quickly remove the heat produced by the lamp and expel it out of the grow room, to help keep the temperatures much more suitable for your plants grown inside.

The Supernova Air Cooled Hood 150mm is a dual parabolic design that is fitted with a spigot and each end for you to easily install it into your extraction system. A frame and glass are provided with the Air Cooled Supernova reflector to completely seal the unit and allow the air to be drawn easily through.

If you are planning to set up a hydroponics room that may be quite small, we highly recommend you use an Air Cooled Supernova for your reflector as the excess heat that will be removed will certainly help your indoor hydroponics garden and if you are planning to set up a room with multiple lights hung inside, several Air Cooled Supernova reflectors can be linked into the same extraction system, to remove the heat from all the lamps and reduce the temperatures inside the room

The Maxibright Air Cooled Supernova is a wide angled parabolic reflector with a highly reflective anodised aluminium insert, complete with glass cover. The built in outlets allow connect to your air-cooling system, which in turn cools down the entire reflector making it suitable for closer positioning to your plants.

Key Features:

  • Ready assembled
  • Complete with easily removable toughened glass cover & E40 lamp holder
  • Runs high pressure sodium or metal halide lamps
  • Maximum Lamp 1000W (not included)

Dimensions – 59cm  x 44cm x 18.5cm with 150mm inlet & Outlet spigot.

Weight: 6Kg