150mm Inline Fan

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The 150mm Inline Fan is a key feature in many grow spaces, and is therefore sometimes in short supply! We have managed to secure some 150mm Inline Fans that have a speed control wired into the power supply cord.

  • Mounting bracket included
  • Power cord of 1.5m
  • Dimensions: Casing diameter: 28 cm, Inline width, end to end: 21 cm ( including flanges )
  • +- 100W Power Draw
  • +- 0.47 Amp Current
  • RPM of +- 2550 should provide air movement of around 225 m3/hr, depending on speed control setting and use case.

It is recommended to set the speed control to its highest setting when powering up the 150mm Inline Fan, please keep this in mind when the fan is intended to switch on multiple times per day.

Inline fans are used for multiple reasons in many grow spaces:

  • Providing fresh air to prevent CO2 depletion
  • Exhausting hot air to prevent high temperatures
  • Exhausting highly humid air from grow spaces

The volume of air in a grow area and the intended use of your ventilating fans will determine what size fan / how many fans you would require the achieve your intended goals. A handy calculator is available here.